How To Design An Art Gallery Wall At Home


An art gallery wall is a perfect way to showcase your collections. It is also a great way to create a focal point in your living room or family room. You may have family photographs that you want to display, postcards of places you have traveled to, drawings, or other forms of art that can be combined to make a statement wall decor. This includes your grandmother’s kitchen plates. Art gallery walls are an expression of who we are and they reflect our tastes and the things and memories that we hold dear. Here are some ideas to help you decide how to group and hang your collections. Just make sure that you configure your display on the floor until you like the arrangement before you proceed to hang it on the wall.

1. Grid Style

Select 6 to 12 frames, all the same color and size, and place them like a grid on your wall. This style works well when working with a theme. For example, all black and white photos, or all artwork with similar tones, etc.

By Orbit Homes

2. Salon Style

Mixing and matching different types of frames as well as art, pictures, and any other piece on an entire wall will give you a salon-style art gallery wall. You can use this style to cover the wall from floor to ceiling if desired, which makes it especially suitable for high ceiling spaces.

By Slater Interiors

3. Classic Style

To achieve this look select five to ten pieces and group them organically, by combining frame styles and also art styles. This is an aesthetically pleasing display that makes it easy for the eye to follow from one piece to the next.

By Hive

4. Ledge Style

This style consists of placing your frames on a surface and allowing them to rest against the wall, no nails needed. It adds a casual yet elegant vibe to smaller spaces. You can affix one or more ledges to a wall and then place your collection of frames on it. A thin console between the couch and the wall becomes another great surface to display frames and other collectibles.

By Bertolini Architects

I hope these ideas have inspired you to dust off those items you have been collecting and finally give them an art gallery wall of their own. There are many more ways to create focal walls by displaying collectibles. If you would like to discuss your specific project give us a call or send us an email. You can send us photos of your items and the dimensions of your wall and we can shop for the perfect frames and send you the links so you can buy the ones you like and have them shipped to you directly from the vendors, and we will send you suggestions on display formats so you can visualize the finished product. 

As always, I love sharing some of my ideas with you.

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