Amazing Small Kitchen Transformation

Whether you live in a big house or a small apartment the kitchen is the hub of your home. Updating your kitchen will level up the entire home. In this month’s blog, I want to share this amazing small kitchen transformation with you. Let’s take a look at Doreen’s kitchen e-Design project, with before and after pictures.

Doreen has a loft in Aurora, Colorado, and she has an eye for style. Her loft is very nicely appointed. But the kitchen was dated and she felt she needed some help putting all the ideas in her head down on paper and making this project a success. So she reached out to me for help. She purchased my e-Design Premium Package online and we went to work. Here’s a picture of Doreen’s kitchen before the remodel.

Vision, Measurements, and Mood Boards

Doreen and I exchanged a few emails back and forth where she explained what she envisioned and sent me photos and measurements of the existing kitchen. I asked lots of questions to really understand what she wanted to create. At this stage, we talked about what she did not like about her existing appliances, the need for a backsplash, and budget constraints. The goal was a modern, white, and stainless steel look for her new kitchen. Once I had all this information I went to work on her mood board.

Using the photos and measurements I received, I recreated the space using state of the art software. And here, my friends, is where the transformation begins!

The mood board went back and forth a couple of times so I could get feedback from my client and tweak the design accordingly. Here is the third and final mood board:

3D Rendering and Shopping List

Once Doreen approved the final mood board she received a 3D rendering of the project along with a Shopping List. This list is a suggestion of items and products that you can purchase to recreate the look achieved. By the time you receive this “shopping list,” I have done all the research for you. I provide you with links to everything being used in the project. The items selected are the right size for your space and are within the discussed budget. You may choose to purchase those exact items or you may want to get some other, similar items, it is entirely up to you.

Dream Kitchen Accomplished

To stay within the $5,000 budget that my client was working with, we decided to clean the grout instead of replacing the floor tile, and also paint the cabinets white instead of replacing them with new cabinets, and install some modern hardware on them to complete the look. This allowed us to focus the expenses on the new quartz countertops, subway tile backsplash, and new stainless steel appliances.

Doreen went shopping right out of her list for most items and hired a contractor to install the countertops and the backsplash. To save money she decided to paint the cabinets and re-finish the grout herself. Look at the amazing results of Doreen’s kitchen transformation in the picture below.

I am including a Reference section below with links to some of the items that were in Doreen’s shopping list so you can explore for yourself and see how easy this process really is. She ordered directly from the vendors, paid them directly, and had everything delivered straight to her home. On occasion, when shopping at the store, Doreen would text me a photo of something she felt she would like to include in her kitchen and wanted my opinion. I was always happy to help with a quick text back, grateful to continue to be a part of her project.

Floor Grout Cleaner

Cabinets Paint


As always, I love sharing some ideas with you. I hope you enjoyed this transformation as much as I did. If you need help with space planning or redesigning a room or two, contact us and we will help your vision become a reality.


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