8 Most Desired Interior Design Styles

What is your style?

When I talk to my clients about redecorating their living spaces I often get these blank stares. Most people are not aware of which is their favorite interior design style. Many people have an idea of what they are looking for but have a hard time articulating their vision because they are not familiar with the different styles available to them.

In this blog, I will share with you a brief description of only eight of the many styles out there. I have chosen the most popular styles currently, along with some beautiful visual examples.

My wish is that you can use this information as a basic guide to not only discover your favorite styles but also to communicate better with friends, co-workers and your interior decorator.

1.  Contemporary

This is a style with super clean cuts and a mix of straight lines and circles. Pay attention to the harmony that this beautiful and simple living room area offers.

By Lucy Interiors

2.  Transitional

Like the word implies, this style is a transition between the old and the new. Take a look at the fireplace and the rails on the stairs, compared to the furniture and pending lamp on the picture below. It all fits together in a beautiful transition through time.

By Urbanology Designs

3.  Mid-Century Modern

Remember the fabulous furniture styles of the fifties, sixties, and seventies? Now add a touch of 2019 with a hint of modern or contemporary style to the mix.

By Nest Modern

4.  Industrial

Look at the ceilings, artwork, and lightning in the picture below. Metal, concrete and exposed plumbing, make this style both crafty and cozy at the same time.

By Four Point Design, Inc.

5.  Farmhouse

Wood is found everywhere here, along with black metal accessories and barn doors. Neutral colors combined with an accent of bright color, like blue or orange, make this style super welcoming

By Studio McGee

6.  Scandinavian and Minimalist

Simplicity is what this style is all about. Scandinavian style is basically a minimalistic look with more focus on the materials and textures being used.

For more on Scandinavian and Minimalist styles click here.

By Lori Henle Interiors

7.  Boho Chic or Eclectic

This style refers to a simple bohemian look and it comes full of comforts, such as throws, pillows, plants, and handmade, crafted or natural details everywhere.

By Melinda Mullen Design

8.  Coastal

A coastal style refers to anything related to the beach, summer and the ocean. It can also include boats and any marine style accessories. Therefore, blue tones combined with white and sandy neutrals can make this style pop up. Look at the picture below, notice the centerpiece, the wall décor featuring the ocean, the whitewood details on the ceiling, and the sandy colored walls.

By Emeritus

Expressing your own style

I hope you enjoyed discovering what styles speak to you the most. These décor styles are all different from each other. Knowing which ones are your favorites can help me understand your taste and personality so I can be better equipped to design the perfect space for you.

As always, love sharing some ideas with you!

If you would like to know more about how I can help you transform your home or office contact us to start a conversation.

Let’s Design it Together!

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