4 ways to bring greenery into your interior design project

Many times we make our homes feel so comfortable that we forget about the outdoors and nature and we spend a lot of our time inside. One way to bring the outdoors in is by incorporating some greenery into our decor.  Adding some live plants to your space can make you feel more connected to nature when enjoying the comforts of your home sweet home. Here are some easy ways to do this.

1. Floor plants

We all have that empty corner that could use some help. The addition of a beautiful interior tall plant can make that space feel more naturally organic. Make sure to put some effort into choosing a beautiful base that accentuates your existing decor.

2. Succulent plants

These plants are super easy to maintain and can fill any little space we can think of. They can be placed anywhere from the desk in your office to the coffee table in the living room, on the bathroom counter, or even the kitchen! Succulents are said to have the perfect energy to balance out any negative vibes in the house.

3. Wall plants

Pick some small pots and bases to be strategically placed on the walls around your home. This can give the space a sense of peaceful outdoor greenery and a touch of style at the same time. This is a very affordable solution, as well as an easy project to do, and the best part is they look fantastic!


4. Potted flowers

Flowers are my favorite! They lift the room with delicacy and elegance. Any type of potted flowers will do, but orchids, when well maintained, can last many years. Orchids come in a variety of forms and colors, so it would be easy to display some different types around the house to showcase your preferences and also maintain a theme in the decor style.




If you feel like doing a little update to refresh any space in your home, just think of plants and flowers to fill those empty spaces.

Remember that it’s important to make the greenery flow with your interior design style, as well. Details are always appreciated.

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