4 Important Concepts To Keep in Mind When Decorating Your Home


“Details are not the details, they make the design.”

Charles Eames, Furniture Designer.

This is a simple but profound philosophy when it comes to home decorating. With this thought in mind, I thought I’d share with you 4 important concepts I use when I’m refreshing my own spaces or creating a space for a client.

1. Scaling

Scaling usually refers to the size of one object compared to another, but when it comes to interior design we refer to scaling as comparing the size of an object to the size of an average human body. This concept also applies to small decorative pieces, for example, those pieces on countertops or side tables, etc. In the photo below we see a selection of small objects with different shapes, from short and tall, to wide and thin, grouped in a way that enhances the features of the coffee table they sit on, rather than overwhelm it.

By Cory Connor Designs

2. Mixing and Matching

Mixing and matching is a very important part of the process when trying to balance out the energy of a room. It applies to decorate objects as well as their textures. The materials being used need to be balanced out and complement each other. For example, mixing some wood with ceramic and warm fabrics can make the space feel more cozy and natural. The important objective here is to not overwhelm an area with repeated used of the same material, but rather to mix it up a bit and have fun with the process while striving to create a space that projects comfort.

By The Den Interiors

3. Shaping

Shaping gives flow to a room or an area. Whether you are decorating the surface of a coffee table, a console, or a side table, using different shapes can help you obtain a feeling of harmony. For example, a few hardcover books piled together on a table can project a harsh vibe, but by placing a round vase next to them we soften the look and harmonize the area with a counterbalancing shape.

By Tiffany Eastman Interiors

4. Spacing

Working with some blank space in your design canvas is like adding a pause button for your senses. Space is the opposite of clutter. Our eyes take in the beautiful decor and they also take in the spaces left blank so they can rest and not be overwhelmed by too much adornment. A good example of this would be not filling up some of the shelves on a bookcase.

By Martins Camisuli Architects

These are the 4 main concepts I usually keep in mind as I set out to work on a new project. They help me capture the design style from a different perspective. Look at your living room or home office and see if you can re-group some of your decorating objects to give the room more flow or create more harmony. Leave us a comment with any changes you do to your space applying some of these ideas.

As always, I love sharing some of my ideas with you.

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