3 Palettes for your Holiday Decorations

The Holiday Season is here once again! This has been a challenging year for most of us and many events have been canceled or postponed. And while we may have to celebrate with just our immediate families this year, we still get to celebrate and we should embrace the season’s decorations wholeheartedly to send this difficult year off in style. Let’s look at 3 options when selecting your color scheme.

1.   Traditional

If you like tradition and prefer not to change things up too much, then you can stick to the traditional colors of red, green, and gold. These color combination screams of Christmas the world over. Such a warm palette is especially welcome in areas where the weather is cold and snowy this time of year.

By House of Brazier

2.   Blue and Green

Shades of blue and green mixed together make for a wonderfully refreshing color palette. It also works great when decorating for the holidays while celebrating Hannuka, since blue is a color traditionally used in Hannuka’s decor. Blues and greens can really shine when mixed together with gold and silver accents.

By Robeson Design

3.   Neutrals

This is my favorite palette. Decorating with neutral colors, such as white, beige, brown, and splashes of green everywhere, sets a soft and classy tone. I love mixing this color scheme with natural elements, such as wood and plants, to create a more organic space.

By Urbanology Designs

As always, I love sharing my ideas with you. Let us know if you will be having some fun with these ideas when decorating your home this year. Snap some shots and share your Holiday Decor with us, along with your comments, below.

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