3 Ideas To Bring The Fall Season To Your Coffee Table

Fall is upon us. It is time to invite the harvest season into our homes, and an easy way of doing this is by changing the décor on our coffee tables. Here are 3 simple ideas to express the warmth of the fall season.

1.   Decorative Pumpkins

It would be almost impossible to leave pumpkins out of this decorating project since they are the most recognizable symbol of the season. But you do not have to stick to a traditional color scheme. You may use any color pumpkins you wish. Just arrange them on a tray in the center of your coffee table and the room will instantly convey the mood of the fall season.

By Design Fixation

2.   Candle Lights

If you want to elevate your decorative tray to the next level just add in some candles. Arrange a couple of LED or real candles on the tray, or directly on the coffee table, for deeper feelings of warmth and extra sources of light. You can maybe throw in some leaves strands around your LED candles to expand your color palette and add a touch of texture to the arrangement.

By Corners 2 Corners Décor

3.   Seasonal Flowers

Fresh fall flowers are one of my favorite decorative themes this time of the year. Any type of fresh seasonal flowers will work well. My personal favorites are sunflowers, lilies, daisies, and orange roses.

By Hunt Laudi Studio

And there you have it! Some super simple ideas to update your home décor this fall. Remember, you can make a bigger statement by keeping it simple and uncluttered. Avoid overwhelming your spaces. Pick one of these ideas or play with a couple of them on just one or a few surfaces to create a theme throughout the house.

As always, I love sharing some ideas with you. If you put some of them into practice we’d love to see some photos and hear from you. Just leave us a comment below.

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