3 Decorating Ideas for a Stylish Foyer

The new year is here and most of us are still working from home. If you are looking to make some small changes at home to usher in good vibes and refresh your space, I suggest looking no further than the entryway to your home. A few touches of fresh color or the addition of the right accessories can transform this small area into a big statement.

1.   Gallery Wall

A gallery wall can add a distinctive style to any entryway. You may display artwork or family photos, and maybe add a few small mirrors to mix it up a little. You can also place a small console table with flowers, or an accent chair with some bold colors to welcome you home.

By Pamela Hope Designs

2.   Bold Wallpaper

While wallpapers are trending now, sometimes we are hesitant to place them in a large room, as this might feel overwhelming. A smaller area like the foyer could be the perfect place to get playful with a bold wallpaper design to test the waters.

By Natalie Howe Design

3.   Sculptural Light Fixture

A magnificent chandelier, or a unique light fixture, might be all that your foyer requires to convey your personal style to your guests and extend them a dramatic welcome.

By Gibson Gimpel Interior Design

As always, I love sharing my ideas with you.

Send us your comments and share photos of your foyer or entryway with us. We’d love to see what you do with your space.

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